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Understanding IPTV Reseller Business

Let me tell you a little secret "You can make a lot of money Running Your Own IPTV Reseller Business" IPTV subscriptions are is Selling Like Hotcakes And the Market is Expanding Really Fast!

Even though, there are very few IPTV providers that offer value, quality, and experience to end-users. This imbalance, coupled with the huge demand for quality live television and videos on-demand means that you can make a lot of money reselling IPTV.

The most challenging part of this business is finding a provider with high-quality service and a good profit margin. Fortunately, this is exactly what we offer. Our IPTV reseller business offers the lowest price on the market, starting at €3.9/month per account, with no other provider in the market offering this high level of quality service at such a low price.

It doesn't matter whether you seek to sell subscriptions in the US, the UK, Canada, or worldwide because we have 7500 available channels; therefore, you can choose any country as your target market.

The key factor that contributes to the success of your IPTV reseller business is customer satisfaction.
Why? Because this is a subscription-based business, and when customers are fully satisfied and happy with the service, they will renew again and again for months and years to come allowing you to acquire more $$$ from a single customer.

Additionally, customer satisfaction eliminates issues, bans, and headaches with the payment processor since happy customers equal ZERO disputes. this will give you the opportunity to focus, grow, and scale your IPTV reseller business.

Without forgetting the referrals and free advertisement you win from happy customers because they will recommend and advertise your business to friends and family through word-of-mouth.

A wise man once said:

If you build a great experience, customers tell each other about that. Word of mouth is very powerful

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Jeff Bezos.

Unmatched Quality That Your Customers Deserve.

Don't worry about the satisfaction of your clients because we've got you covered.

Channels Availability

7500 HD IPTV channels are available (VOD are not included on) not like other providers out there claiming thousands of channels and only a small bench of channels are working with a bad quality streaming

Video On Demand

We have a huge video on demand library full of latest movies and series (weekly updated) that comes with multi-language subtitles. (English, Franch, German Deutsch, Turkish, Hindi and more are coming soon…)

Streaming Quality

We continuously invest in our IPTV servers to deliver unbeatable IPTV service. channels are available in SD/HD/4K quality, Your customers will have the best TV streaming experience without any buffering.

EPG + TVCatch-UP

Our IPTV Service offers EPG + 7-days Catch-up so your customers will never miss their favorite shows again. this is a great competitive edge, fewer are who have a catch-up in their IPTV servers.

Simple IPTV Reseller Panel

Once you register a reseller account with us, you get access to your own IPTV reseller panel which allows you to manage your accounts. Your entire workflow can be automated which means you don’t need extra resources to manage everything.

Easy Management

All reseller tools in one place for easy management of IPTV accounts.


Easily yon can add credits into your reseller account and create new clients.

24/7 Reseller Support

Our experts are always available and provide fast technical support.

Unlimited  accounts

Professionally foster cross-platform solutions rather than highly.

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IPTV Reseller Plans

Our reseller-specific pricing model is designed to help you improve margins.

10 credit


1 MONTH = € 3.0
3 MONTH = € 9.0
6 MONTH = € 18.0
12 MONTH = € 36

Become a reseller
40 credit


1 MONTH = €2.4
3 MONTH = €7.25
6 MONTH = €14.5
12 MONTH = €29

24h Trial available only for this pack

Become a reseller

Top-Notch Features for Resellers.

We Provide You With All the Tools and Features You Need to Start Your Very Own IPTV Business.

Unmatched Quality Service

Increase your earning through high customer satisfaction & create new opportunities of profitability.

Exclusive pricing

Our reseller-specific pricing model helps you improve margins, so you can reinvest your savings in your company’s growth.

Low initial deposit

Very Low Investment Required, The Initial Deposit is as low as €195

Great Profit Opportunities

Resell our services at any price you want to increase your revenue

Non-expiring credit

You use the credit on your reseller balance at any time to create or renew accounts

24/7 Reseller Support

Our experts are always available and provide fast technical support.


Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We've got answers. If you have some other questions, see our support center.

What is exactly IPTV Reseller Program?

You purchase IPTV subscription at super low prices and you resell them with the price you want, You run your IPTV business under our servers. We take care of all the technical.

What is IPTV reseller panel?

a panel with username and password that we provide to you so you can manage (add/renew/delete) IPTV accounts

Can my customers recognize that I am a reseller?

No - You can use your own logo, domain, brand, to provide a fully native experience to your end customers.

Do you provide any website for resellers?

no, unfortunately, but we can suggest some freelancer who can do the work or help you build it yourself

Is there any setup fee? What do I need to start as a reseller?

There are no setup or monthly fees, You select a reseller plan you apply and complete payment, you can start reselling when you receive your panel credentials

How many devices do you allowed to use with a single IPTV account?

no simultaneous connections are allowed, one connection per device

Here's a fun fact:

The (IPTV) market is huge and it is projected to grow by US$69.3 Billion, during the forecast period 2019 - 2024. The question is, are you ready to have a piece of this tremendous cake? If you are, then let's get you going.

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